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podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a clip from Protecting Your Voice – Episode #240 w/ Ashaala Shanae

Ashaala Shanae is a Celebrity and High Performance Speaker vocal health coach expert who helps simplify, advocate for , and coach others into their peak vocal condition. As founder of the Music and Arts Healing Institute, she knows first hand what it takes to monetize, enhance, and take care of your voice ! In this episode we sit down to discuss:

– Being Proactive with your vocal health: how stress, diet, and water intake affect the health of your voice.

– The art of working WITH YOUR VOICE: Speaking with passion and technique to preserve your voice for longevity.

– Symptoms to be aware of before losing your voice: how to notice the signs before your voice is damaged or even lost due to negligence.

– Breaking down old habits and rebuilding new habits with how you use your voice.

– Stepping into the POWER OF YOUR VOICE : how to embrace the uniqueness and gift that your voice brings to those you serve.

And so much more!

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