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How To Find Your True Gift – Pretty Vee

podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a clip from Influencer Marketing : Branding Is Everything – Episode #256 w/ Pretty Vee

Veena Excell, A.K.A. “Pretty Vee “ has seen the trifecta of integrity, authenticity, and unhindered creativity create the life of her dreams! After graduating college she worked jobs in retail, radio, and administration and eventually tapped into her gift : influencing others through her gift of comedic genius, authentic connection, and building relationships. From the world of MTV’s Wild N’ Out , to partnerships with Bellaire Brands and City Trends, she is blazing a trail of success the right way and she’s here to share parts of the blueprint here on the Social Proof Podcast! In this episode we’ll unpack :

Talent VS. Grind In Business and Life : The importance of knowing how to work your craft consistently and marry it with a “never give up “ approach to everything you do.

Collaborations and Brand Deals : How she has been able to work with superstars like Da Baby, Nick Cannon, and others while also building a reputation as a woman of integrity, business acumen, and value.

Social Media Influence : What the truth is about most people who have a large social media following (and how they navigate business), how to land brand partnerships, and use a platform for positive and massive impact.

Overcoming Anxiety, Overthinking , and Navigating Business Relationships: Why having a foundation of faith, taking time to slow down, and having the right people around you is essential to success and peace of mind.

Integrity and Consistency: How she handles having nearly 6 Million followers on I.G. , The story behind her partnerships with Cititrends and Bellaire Brands, and why having a signature fragrance is a dream come true.

And so much more!

Connect with Vena A.K.A. Pretty Vee On I.G. – https://www.instagram.com/yesimprettyvee

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