173: It's Time to Deliver

podcast December 31, 1969

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About this episode: 
In this week’s episode, Tatum discusses the importance of knowing when it is time to birth the vision God has given you!
Time Stamps:
9:06 : There are some things that God has placed in your womb now
9:13 : Living in your reality is what has held you back
9:20 : It is time to deliver it is time to push
9:45 : God wants to do something through you that does not make sense 
10:27 : God is getting ready to do something big in your life but you have to push
10:41 : God is uprooting things that are not for him 
14:53 : It is not supposed to make sense because God is supposed to receive the glory 
17:16 : There are somethings inside of you that God wants you to say yes to
17:23 : Point 1 – Get into agreement with what he said
18:43 : Luke 1 : 8-17
22:52 : Do not miscarry your vision because you are not believing in God
27:50 : Point 2 – You need God’s timing and His power to birth his vision 
28:30 : Acts 1: 4-7
29:43 : God is saying it is not for you to know.
33:03 : Acts 1: 15-26 
33:24 : Pray, seek God, and  get organized 
35:17 : God’s work is a serious thing 
36:43 : Point 3 – You must be aligned always 
38:15 : What season am I in? What's on my plate? 
43:40 : God will blow your mind if you just say yes!
47:49 : Point 4 – It is time to PUSH

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