174: Square Up

podcast December 31, 1969

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About this episode: 
In this week’s episode, Tatum gives strategy on how to fight in the spirit and how to win. 
18:47 : We have to know how to fight  spiritually
21:41 : We are not driven by our emotions, We are driven by the spirit of God
21:51 : In learning how to fight, we have to not just be defensive
22:36 : Point 1: You have to build up your spiritual muscles 
22:49 : We have to really seek God with our hearts now
23:00 : What makes you think you can figure God out
23:45 : Make it your hearts desire to be close to God
24:18 : Learn how to be honest with God 
41:35 : Point 2: Pray and Fast 
43:32 : Prayer Strategy :
Give Thanks 
 Humble yourself and repent 
 Then ask specifically for what you want
Use scripture to back it up 
Have an attitude of expectation 
53:07 : Point 3: Worship 
53:21 : Worship is all about positioning your heart to give thanks to God 
53:34: Add worship to your daily life 
53:58 : Point 4: Understand that the word is a weapon 
56:03 : Point 5: We have to stand confidently in our Authority 

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