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The Significance of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Development in Driving Africa’s New Era with Prof. Tal Edgars

podcast September 26, 2022

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Episode #37 with Prof. Tal Edgars is Group Executive Chairman at GBSH Consult Group. Also, a multi-award winner, globally renowned business authority, seasoned diplomat and a cutting edge thinker and author with an outstanding record in planning, managing and executing highly successful private and public sector initiatives in Africa, Europe, America & Asia. 

He has a background in academia, diplomacy, and international civil service. Is one of  Africa's foremost authorities and informed voices on foreign policy, contract theory, Growth and Competitiveness Practice, complex negotiations, strategic foresight, government affairs, and how countries and businesses can participate actively in their own development.

What We Discuss With Prof. Tal Edgars

  • What, in your opinion, is required to successfully implement private and public sector initiatives in Africa?
  • What is the role of ethical leadership in Africa, and do you believe it is widely practised and understood?
  • Why is entrepreneurship and innovation important in Africa, and what role does it play in creating the Africa We Want?
  • What economic, social, and cultural value do you believe social entrepreneurs and innovation can bring to African economies?
  • What positive impact may AfCFTA have on social entrepreneurship and social development?
  • And much more…

Full show notes and resources can be found here: Unlocking Africa show notes

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