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The Difference Between Dad and Coach with Kris Johnson

podcast March 24, 2023

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Today Lou and Dre are joined by Kris Johnson a father, youth football coach, and a director of youth services! They open up with a conversation about the controversial Deion Sanders comments about recruiting a certain type of kid (2:00). Kris starts to talk about how he started coaching youth sports and the state of youth football in the city of Philadelphia (10:33). He then talks about what it’s like to coach his son in football (18:01). Lou then starts a conversation with Kris about hiring him to work at a youth facility and his experience working there (23:05). Kris then talks about how he got into working with the youth and why he thinks it’s important (26:20). Kris ends the conversation talking about his household and the children that he raises and what it means to be more than a dad (29:35). Thank you for tuning in!!!

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