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The Case for Multiple and Passive Streams of Income with Seth Bradley, Ep. 288

podcast April 20, 2021

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Being a coal miner has to be one of the toughest professions in America. Seth Bradley watched first hand as his father worked the coal mines in West Virginia and quickly realized he was going to need a more professional job, indoors with lights and air conditioning. He figured being a doctor or lawyer are the two most revered careers so he ultimately chose law.


Seth Bradley is a practicing attorney and the Managing Partner at Law Capital Partners. He has invested in multifamily syndications to generate passive income and take advantage of the favorable tax perks. He hosts the Passive Income Attorney Podcast and shares his journey with others. We discuss his upbringing, why he pursued passive income, and how he evaluates opportunities. 


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Key Insights


  • A son of a coal miner father from a small town in West Virginia
  • His father took him down into the coal mine to show him what he didn’t want to do with his life
  • Seth thought the best W2 job was either a doctor or a lawyer, he started in medical school, but ended up in law school and becoming a lawyer
  • Why he was not satisfied with a 6-figure W2 income
  • Overcoming the challenges when talking to people who don’t know the benefits of real estate syndication passive income
  • How to start and become comfortable doing real estate syndication
  • Seth explains his first passive deal


My true real estate education started with BiggerPockets.


  • How Seth helps people with learning the mechanics of passive income
  • Transitioning from a limited partner (passive investor) to a general partner (active investor)


If you have a W2 job and you want to side hustle real estate, first you have to carefully evaluate how much time you actually have to dedicate to it.


  • The Passive Income Attorney Podcast (building multiple streams of income so you can buy back your time)
  • Growing his business through inside counsel and raising capital 
  • The real estate markets Seth is targeting right now and why: The Carolina’s, Florida, Texas, Arizona
  • Tips on how to analyze your first real estate deal


When I’m exploring a new market, I’ll start with a Google Search and if the population growth line is consistently going down, I’m out, but if it’s flat, I may continue to research a sub-market of that area.


  • Seth’s thoughts on emerging technologies like cryptocurrency and the future of real estate investing

Bullseye Round


Apparent Failure:

With no backup plan, I quit medical school because I knew it wasn’t right for me. That decision ultimately reshaped my mindset to understand that I had the freedom to do what I truly wanted to do.


Digital Resource:

Asana (project management) 


Most Recommended Book:

Miracle Equation (Hal Elrod)


Daily Habit:

Working out


Current Curiosity:

Questioning the 5-year syndication model 


Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out:

The benefits of getting a coach or mentor


Best Place to Grab a Bite in San Diego:

Phil’s Barbeque 


Get in Touch with Seth:

The Passive Income Attorney Podcast

Intelligent Passive Investor (cash flow calculator) 

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