TBG U: Starting Your Study Abroad Journey

podcast May 28, 2024

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Congratulations, you’ve been accepted into the inaugural class of Therapy for Black Girls University. Whether packing for a new year on campus, thinking through your gap year, enrolling in a community college, or grabbing your stoles for graduation, TBG U is here to help you thrive at this stage of your life and beyond.

Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a college student’s life, but there are soooo many things to consider when preparing to apply for a program – the financial costs, choosing a country to go to, and even knowing what program to apply for. 

To provide advice and help synthesize all of the information that’s involved with studying abroad, I’m joined today by two guests – founder of the non-profit Girl’s Going Global, Martice Sutton, and Girl’s Going Global student ambassador, Rachel Jones. Girls Going Global is a non-profit organization designed to expose and empower African-American girls through travel and cultural exchange.

In our conversation, we discuss what it means to travel abroad as a Black woman, some important safety tips to keep in mind when staying in a foreign country, and the importance of viewing study abroad as a chance for cultural immersion — rather than as a vacation.

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  • Begin researching what study abroad program you’d like to apply for, whether it be a volunteer, study, or work experience. Your college’s study abroad office is a great place to start!
  • If you’ve already committed to a study abroad program, begin creating your packing list to make sure you aren’t leaving out any essentials!
  • For safety, look into registering your study abroad trip with the US State Department, as well as starting a travel insurance policy. 

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