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Jodi Miller – The Only “Single” Single Mother in The Room

podcast May 28, 2024

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Jodi Miller is a comedian, writer, and actress who’s been performing stand up for over 20 years and has also done 4 military tours including going overseas to entertain troops in Afghanistan. She currently works as the head writer for the syndicated comic game show Funny You Should Ask, and she hosts the show The World’s Funniest Weather. Her new comedy special Decades in the Making, is available now on Youtube.  

Laura opens the show by talking about where her and Scott met Jodi, as well as asking her about her thoughts on being a mom growing up and when she finally decided to try to conceive. After being unable to conceive naturally, that was when Jodi decided to adopt.  

Jodi then tells the story behind adopting her daughter, which included a last minute and unexpected phone call from her lawyer instructing her to fly out to Kentucky the following day, during COVID, to pick up her daughter. This leads to a realization of just how hard it is to be a single parent to a young child.  

After that, Laura asks Jodi about her current dating life as a single mother in Los Angeles, as well as her old podcast Don’t Call Me Ma’am. Jodi then tells a popular story from her life about nailing the audition for America’s Got Talent, only to be excused by producers for no reason. This leads to some praise from Laura over Jodi’s work on the comic TV game show Funny You Should Ask.  

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