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Stephan Speaks: How to Make This Your Last Single Season| Episode 13

podcast December 31, 1969

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Mind of a Man Series continues with the coach you’ve always needed! Stephan Speaks is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach that focuses on self-love, dating, and relationships. 

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[2:16] This or that 

[5:10] Relationship status ….

[5:22] Is there a common single women issue? 

[7:34] What are “I need healings” red flags? 

[11:27] How do you feel about the 90-day rule? In addition to sex and dating? 

[14:31] How do we get to the root of fixing miscommunication between the man and woman? 

[17:58] How do men see sex? 

[19:11] Do men have sex with women they don’t like? 

[ 20:56] What’s the difference [in men wanting sex with you vs a relationship]? 

[24:00] What is your advice for women that are getting played? 

[26:51] How do you be inquisitive without being annoying?  

[30:28] Do you recommend therapy? 

[31:59] What is your advice for dating potential? 

[42:44] How do we be who we are while also being the woman  

[ 46:31] What are some of the things to unlock feminine energy? 


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