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SLS: Supernaturally Paid w. Raevyn Hokett

podcast December 31, 1969

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About this episode: A conversation circled around being Supernatural Paid. In episode 139, in the third installment of the Supernatural Living Series. We have Raeyvn Hokett, my former business coach. Raevyn is no stranger to the show, and she is back with more life changing wisdom. Raevyn spills the tea on how life has since changed since the last time she was on the show. Most importantly, Raevyn talks about how to be and remain supernaturally paid, the difference between success and kingdom success, and the importance of tithing. She also leaves a freebie you do not want to miss. Look, grab your journal and a pen because there are tons of gems you’ll need to jot down. 
Time Stamps:
13:24 Raevyn talks about ways she adjusted her business in order to have the capacity to juggle her new responsibilities. 
26:07: Raevyn gives advice to start up entrepreneurs with questions on “how to start ?”
30:07 Marketing Tip* Raevyn talks about the number one thing that should be on your mind as a start up entrepreneur 
31:20 Tatum talks about shifting your mindset from consumer to a business owner. 
54:28 Raevyn talks about how she had to get in tune with what God had to say about her. In order to have the confidence to charge what she deserved. 
1:26:55 Raevyn talks about the difference between kingdom success and wordly success 
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