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Shaping the Future of Black African Canadian Learning with Nana Dei's Visionary Approach

podcast May 3, 2024

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Join the conversation with the esteemed Professor George JS Dei loving known as Professor Nana Dei, a beacon of knowledge for Black African Canadian education, as he graces our platform with his insights that meld the essence of resistance with the transformative power of education. We venture beyond the confines of conventional learning and into the heart of community empowerment, where Professor Dei amplifies the voices of the past and the promise of the future. His perspective as a traditional Ghanaian chief brings a unique dimension to our discussion on the crucial role education plays in shaping identities and promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
The episode unfolds a tapestry of topics, starting with a profound exploration of the Center for Integrative Antiracism Studies, which I, Sherry Razak, had the privilege to co-found. Here, we delve into the center's mission to challenge anti-blackness and systemic oppression and highlight our collaborative efforts across the African continent. Professor Dei's reflections on receiving honorary doctorates not only honor his work but also the legacy of those who have paved the way for such achievements. This conversation is a testament to the center's impact and the ongoing fight for justice within academic circles and beyond.
Wrapping up, the episode extends an open invitation to engage with Professor Dei through Speak Up International, an initiative dedicated to fostering critical awareness and amplifying community voices. Whether you're an educator striving to carry your identity with pride or a listener eager to contribute to the dialogue, this episode is an incitement to action. Learn how to connect and share your story, as we provide the resources and support to make every voice heard. Join us on this journey of education, resistance, and community, where every story matters and every contribution counts.

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