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Shaking the Table with Alexandria Lockhart

podcast December 16, 2021

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About Alexandria

Alexandria is a school psychologist in New York City, a Southern California native, and a graduate of CSU Long Beach and Azusa Pacific University. She is a firm advocate for police-free schools and racial equity in special education.

Show Highlights

  1. Alexandria Lockhart overcoming the odds
  2. Interest in the school to prison pipeline and the over-representation of Black students in special education
  3. Experience with a student in school and police getting involved
  4. Alexandria offers alternatives to police in schools?
  5. How white supremacy might show up in school psychology
  6. “Because it’s so clear to me – when the most vulnerable population of students are empowered, the school communities are empowered. And to do that, we need school psychologists who will shake the table even if it breaks, school psychologists who have a quiet fearlessness, who speak up loud even if their voice shakes and school psychologists who have the unbridled passion to create effective change, now.” 
  7. A call for liberation psychology
  8. How mental health professionals apply principles of liberation psychology into their practice

Connect with Alexandria

Name: Alexandria Lockhart 

Title: School Psychologist 

Social: @allieelock


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