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My Father Sexually Abused Me Part 1

podcast August 29, 2023

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Trigger Warning: This content discusses sensitive topics that may be distressing or triggering to some individuals. The following conversation includes discussions of sexual abuse, painful experiences, and traumatic events. Please prioritize your well-being and exercise self-care while engaging with this content. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, we encourage you to seek support from a trusted person or professional.

Prepared to be riveted by Part 1 of this week’s episode as Eboné engages in a profound conversation with a woman of incredible bravery by unearthing her distressing journey through enduring the horrors of sexual abuse perpetrated by her own father.

The story begins by illuminating Eboné’s guest early years, diving into the intricate web of relationships within her family, and pivoting around a transformative moment when she posed a life-altering question to one of her teachers. Additionally, she reveals the unsettling saga of how the pervasive cycle of abuse within her family propelled her onto a tumultuous path simmering with intense anger, eventually driving her to find solace within the confines of a gang.

Eboné’s guest reveals a series of challenging moments from her life within the gang, providing vivid details of a particular instance during her eighth month of pregnancy—a pivotal moment when she was confronted by a rival gang member. As Eboné’s guest continues to share her story, she candidly articulates the deep-seated animosity she harbored towards men, stemming from the painful scars of her experiences. Eboné’s guest brings into focus the aftermath of this animosity, unveiling how it drove her to continue the cycle of abuse by mistreating her first husband.

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