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Music As Medicine with Jeralyn Glass

June 20, 2024

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Jeralyn Glass, a former Broadway and opera singer turned sound healing expert joins us on today’s episode. They discuss the transformative power of music and crystal singing bowls in healing and self-discovery. Jeralyn shares her personal journey of finding music as her life’s path, how she discovered the healing potential of crystal singing bowls after the loss of her son, and how the bowls helped her maintain her vibration and reach him easily.

We also talk about her book, Sacred Vibrations. The book grounds the ethereal nature of singing bowls through science, theory, and practical application. It includes singing bowl meditations, accessible through QR codes, to guide you on your journey of integration and wholeness, showing, yet again, how music is “medicine” for our time.

At the end of the episode, Jeralyn invites us to listen to an uninterrupted set of two notes to help us ground and receive whatever we are seeking.

Connect: @DeviBrown @CrystalCadence

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