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Fighting an invisible enemy

June 12, 2024

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Imagine living with a disease that means you cannot eat most foods, keeps you out of school, blemishes your skin and forces you to move cities – but no one has a cure, and some doctors don’t even believe you. This is the story of Princess Mahogo, a young South African woman who battled celiac disease for 19 years before she was diagnosed. She tells Don’t Hold Back host Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba how she survived, and why she doesn’t want other young South Africans to suffer a similar fate.

00:00 Introduction: Living with Celiac Disease
01:00 Welcome to the Podcast
01:32 Meet Princess Mahogo
02:33 Understanding Celiac Disease
03:35 Growing Up with Celiac Disease
06:58 The Struggle for Diagnosis
11:31 Journey to Johannesburg
13:55 Life After Diagnosis
17:07 Rapid Fire Questions
22:09 The Story Behind the Carrots
23:54 Conclusion

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This show is a collaboration between DW and leading South African radio stations, Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio. Catch up with our host Nozibele · More information about this podcast · The 77 Percent (DW Africa)

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