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Episode 374: From $300K in Debt to $1 Million in Investments w/ Bernadette Joy Cruz Maulion

podcast May 15, 2024

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Bernadette Joy Cruz Maulion is a first-gen Filipina-American joins the Journey To Launch podcast to share how she paid off $300,000 of debt in three years and invested her first $1 million in her 30s. Today, Bernadette works only 20 hours a week in order to focus her financial freedom on joy: K-Pop, yoga, karaoke and spoiling her nieces and nephews as their traveling rich auntie. She understands those who feel like they missed the money memo, and is dedicated to educating others on financial topics with strategies in a way so simple anyone can understand it.

In this episode Bernadette shares: 

  • Her experiences growing up in New York City as an immigrant child of Asian descent, emphasizing the pressure to excel academically and socially.
  • How she had to make tough choices, such as saying no to friends’ events and being honest about what she could afford, to achieve financial freedom.
  • Why she and her husband sold their paid-off home and chose to rent instead
  • Where she invests her money from real estate sales and rental income including high-yield savings, CDs, treasury bills 401k, IRAs, and real estate investment trusts. 
  • The importance of being present in life’s moments and embracing authenticity in both personal and professional aspects + more!

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