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Episode 269- Overcoming Distractions & Discovering What Truly Matters with Joshua Becker

podcast May 11, 2022

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Joshua Becker, Wall Street Journal best-selling author, joins the podcast to discuss how to eliminate common obstacles to discover what truly matters in your life. 

Joshua is passionate about helping people recognize what is hindering their happiness and live with no regrets. We discuss problematic narratives in the Financial Independence, Retire Early Movement, why being selfless will lead to a more fruitful life, and actionable steps to rid yourself of distractions.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The 8 distractions: fear, past mistakes, the selfish pursuit of happiness, money, possession, accolades, leisure, and technology
  • How serving your community and having empathy for others allows you to avoid the “Me Monster”
  • How the greatest benefit of generosity is when we realize we already have enough
  • An exercise to overcome the narrative of “I don’t have enough money.”
  • Getting to the end of your life and not regretting it, because you were able to focus on things that matter, more than just making more money + more

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