Episode 263- How to Create A Legacy & Pass Down Generational Wealth Beyond Money With Chelsea Brennan

podcast March 30, 2022 1

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Chelsea Brennan, hedge fund investor turned online entrepreneur, joins the podcast to discuss the idea of creating a legacy and passing down generational wealth that goes far beyond any monetary amount.  Chelsea is owner and founder of Smart Money Mamas, a brand dedicated to helping moms make their money work for them and embrace their ambitions, which includes showing them how to cultivate a healthy relationship with money for their families now and far into the future.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why generational wealth goes far beyond money
  • What does it mean to create and pass down a legacy
  • How do you cultivate a legacy for your family, your children
  • Instilling problem solving and a growth mindset in your children
  • The importance of setting money values and a family financial ecosystem + more

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