Episode 262- Die with Zero & Get All You Can From Your Money and Your Life w/ Bill Perkins

podcast March 23, 2022 1

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Bill Perkins, author and founder, managing partner and head trader for Skylar Capital, joins the podcast to discuss how to live your best life no matter your income and his two decades of experience in the trading industry.

We talk about the importance of balancing your financial goals with your time-appropriate life experiences and adding joy in your life right now while being intentional with what you want to do.

Bill’s book, “Die With Zero,” has been featured in The New York Times, Mr. Money Mustache, Success, and more.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to enjoy your money and time now, instead of restricting yourself to the point of robbing you of your life
  • Balancing optimizing your life to fulfillment and saving for the future
  • Why certain experiences are useless for us at a certain point if we don’t use them
  • Confronting fear-based mindsets by identifying goals
  • Why waiting until we die to give our children a financial foundation doesn’t make sense + more

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