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EP20 | The IRS 2024 Dirty Dozen List Is Out: Real Talk On Avoiding These Top Tax Scams!

podcast May 6, 2024

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In this episode of Beyond the Receipts, we're delving into the 2024 IRS's Dirty Dozen list of tax scams released earlier this year. This is the must-know list if you want to avoid falling prey to the many tax scams out there. Picture phishing emails so convincing they could deceive even the most cautious among us, and phony pitches about employee retention credits that promised substantial returns but only led to trouble.

It happens far more often than you might think, so it's time to sharpen our vigilance! This episode will arm you with crucial knowledge to recognize some of the most common tax-related scams, ensuring you don’t become a victim. Plus, I'll expose the risks of following questionable tax advice found online and highlight the critical importance of consulting with an IRS-licensed tax preparer vs. the infamous “ghost preparer”.

My mission? To empower you, the business owner, the freelancer, the everyday taxpayer, to safeguard your tax situation safely and securely. 

Get ready to protect yourself by joining me on Beyond the Receipts. Let’s tackle the IRS Dirty Dozen together and ensure your tax situation remains smooth and secure. Don’t miss this pivotal episode packed with tips that could safeguard your wallet and your peace of mind!


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