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Ep. 97 “Tina Vaphiadis”

podcast May 16, 2021

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Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada Tina was highly involved in her community. While completing her bachelor degree in Theoretical Linguistics she was working part time in the cosmetics industry which took her to Athens, Greece in 1993 to coach and train in customer service and product knowledge. Being a native speaker of English she was asked to tutor young children in ESL. It was then when she fell in love with education. Fast forward to now Tina has combined her two passions: teaching which she refers to academic coaching and language facilitating with Personal Development & Lifestyle Coaching. She works with women and children of all ages. Her goal is to help empower women to live the life they desire and work with them to achieve their goals. The project most important to her is helping women overcome the trauma of abuse whether from childhood or in their relationship with a partner. She creates a safe place for letting go of the pain and welcoming the healing.
In this episode Jay and Tina discuss toxic and abusive relationships…the signs to look for, how to avoid them, and getting out.

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