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Society & Culture

Ep 684 | Marc Lamont Hill Defends Globalism, Advises College Protesters to ‘Tear S**t Up’

podcast May 1, 2024

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Weeks of protest and chaos on college campuses finally reached a boiling point, erupting in violence at UCLA and police action at Columbia, and Jason says that’s a good thing. The pro-Palestinian, anti-American sentiment being cultivated at universities is the poisonous fruit of the elite’s globalist agenda. Will the violence finally be the inflection point that ushers back in an America-first agenda? We can only hope so unless you’re Marc Lamont Hill. The CUNY professor joins “Fearless” to defend and encourage the anti-Israel dissent sweeping academia. In Tennessee Harmony, Virgil Walker, Kevin Donahue, and Jason discuss the topic from a biblical perspective.

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