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Ep 360. Beyonce & Rihanna: The New Kendrick vs Drake?

podcast June 17, 2024

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For this week’s episode, Shanti talks about an upcoming vending event at Broccoli City Festival while Antoinette recounts with pride the 8th-grade graduation of her godson. For politics, we delve into the current situation in Gaza, Russia’s deployment of warships to Cuba, and the closure of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. For pop culture, we beam over Victoria Monét’s newest music video release, and question if there is a silent beef between Rihanna and Beyoncé as they continue to promote their hair care lines. Our eyebrows raised as the latest Fenty hair review came from someone in Beyonce’s own camp. Join us…

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00:00 Pets and Guilt: Balancing Attention and Love

03:18 Family Dynamics and Cultural Identities

08:21 The Power of Calendars for Organization

11:00 Celebrating the Art of Joyce J. Scott

24:39 Celebrating Jade’s James Beard Award

27:27 Tensions Escalate in Israel and Lebanon

31:38 The Complex Situation in Gaza

39:34 Russia’s Show of Force in Cuba

50:39 The Closure of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia

55:03 Hunter Biden’s Guilty Verdict

57:40 Supreme Court Rejects Abortion Pill Restriction

01:00:16 Victoria Monét’s New Music Video

01:04:24 Potential Beef Between Rihanna and Beyoncé

01:09:32 Ashley Everett’s Involvement in Fenty Hair Review

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