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June 11, 2024

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Happy Tuesday Party People!! The Killing Tyme Crew is back! 

Episode Summary:

Welcome back to another episode of the Killing Tyme Podcast! In this lively discussion, hosts Korey, Tinesha, and Reggie catch up after a short break. They dive into recent happenings, from personal stories and upcoming events to thoughtful conversations about parenting, relationships, and social themes. This episode is packed with humor, personal anecdotes, and important insights that encapsulate the essence of the Killing Time crew’s dynamic.

Throughout the episode, the hosts discuss various topics, including Korey’s experience attending his son’s band event, the complexities of co-parenting and introducing new partners, and the importance of consent. They also analyze the practicality of the Fly Me Out app and the latest news about a Missouri bar’s age-specific entry policy. With a sprinkle of reflections on voting and community issues, this episode offers an engaging blend of banter, serious topics, and relatable experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Co-Parenting Dynamics: The hosts discuss the importance of maintaining a respectful relationship with ex-partners for the well-being of their children.

  • Introduction of New Partners: They delve into the complexities and appropriate timing for introducing new partners to children and ex-partners.

  • Fly Me Out App: A humorous yet critical look at the concept of being flown out by someone, including the expectations and potential pitfalls.

  • Age-Specific Social Spaces: Opinions on a Missouri bar’s policy of only allowing entry to women aged 30+ and men aged 35+.

  • Voting Impact: The significance of local elections and how they directly affect the community.

Notable Quotes:

  1. “When it comes to the young, like, fucking gold spike, you can’t go to gold spike. And then you hear, and then some sexy red shit both on the inside and outside.” – Tinesha

  2. “If you find a man, baby, good for you. Everybody deserves to have that happiness.” – Tinesha

  3. “It’s important that you teach these mannerisms in the home so when they get out of the home, they know how to react without you checking.” – Tinesha

  4. “Your feelings matter, your space matter, and your consent matters.” – Tinesha

  5. “I think that voting in your local elections matters more than the federal shit because local is going to affe

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