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Ep 158 – Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity and Impact at Carta

podcast September 17, 2023

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In episode 158, Erik and Kerel talk with Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact at Carta, for her second time as a guest on MRP, about her new book coming out October 3rd, “Reimagine Inclusion: Debunking 13 Myths to Transform Your Workplace” and her podcast, “Brown Table Talk” with friend and co-host, Dee C. Marshall. Mita dives into the firsthand experiences she’s had with prejudice in the workplace, being rejected from many agents for her writing before recently being picked up by Wiley and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

Mita also shares her intentions for talking to leaders within organizations, what it means to be a leader, and questions leaders need to be asking themselves within the workplace. She gives her perspective as to the lessons we have learned as a society as well as organizations over the pandemic and how we can use those lessons to move forward in a more diverse, inclusive and successful way for all. Mita also gives us the inside scoop on what’s in her music rotation right now and even how that really fits hand in hand with her professional career.


1:06: What has changed between now and when Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact at Carta, was first on MRP for episode 57

2:09: Mita shares about her upcoming book “Reimagine Inclusion: Debunking 13 Myths to Transform Your Workplace”

3:29: Mita’s firsthand experiences with the myths she covers in her books including topics of raises, money, women, and more

6:11: Mita’s history with writing five novels previously and getting rejected by many agents

6:58: The lessons Mita has learned from writing so many books and being rejected so many times

8:41: Mita talks about her podcast “Brown Table Talk” with fellow friend Dee C. Marshall, how it came to fruition, how they’ve built a community through that platform, receiving a book deal from the podcast and more

12:36: How Mita and Dee come up with topics for “Brown Table Talk” and receiving messages from the community with topics to incorporate into the show

13:53: Why Mita is intentional in talking to leaders within organizations through her writing, podcast, and content

16:39: Big lessons Mita has learned or observed from companies because of the pandemic including sense of control, work from home or the office, productivity, and more and how the workforce is changing because of it

19:54: What Mita has seen change and improve as far as DEI and leadership over the last couple of years and why companies need to pay attention and authentically understand multicultural consumers

22:12: What music is in Mita’s rotation right now

23:27: Mita’s book and where you can find it

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