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podcast May 30, 2019 1

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Have you ever been made to feel like you aren’t enough? Not black enough, not queer enough, not Asian enough, not enough?

In this episode of Truth Be Told, we explore how we can move beyond the question of “enough” and ask ourselves if we are doing enough, for our communities with Locatora Radio hosts Mala Muñoz and Diosa Femme.

Tonya also talks with author Jeff Chang, co-founder of CultureStr/ke and ColorLines,  about the complicated history behind the term “people of color” and how we need to reclaim intersectionality to strengthen our solidarities.

Why the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card?

When you pull the Wheel of Fortune card, it’s the universe telling you to get ready because big changes are coming. Just like life, our identities and how we identify are very much in flux, more of a journey than a destination. For this episode about what it means to be Latina, or a person of color, there’s no tarot card more apt than the Wheel of Fortune.

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