Go Beyond Grades w/ Tracie Potts

podcast April 24, 2024

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You know, today’s math is not for the faint! Plus, the real question you should be asking your child’s teacher is if he or she is on grade level. National research reveals a significant disparity between what parents think about their child’s educational progress and how their child is really doing. Lucky for our listeners, Tracie Potts pulled up to the podcast donning her cape as Advisory Board Chair for Learning Heroes, an educational advocacy organization that empowers parental engagement. She and SJR discussed ways to strengthen the parent-teacher partnership, support student learning at home, and equip families with educational resources. This episode will remind you that teachers are skilled professionals who are willing to point people in the direction of developmental success. But it’s up to us, as parents and guardians, to meet them halfway. Become a Learning Hero when you visit for more resources, including summer learning opportunities!

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