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Dream Life: Living a Dream Lifestyle: Step 3 – Decide

podcast February 12, 2024

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          Dream Life: Living a Dream Lifestyle: Step 3 – Decide 

The “How to Live a Dream Lifestyle” series emphasizes the importance of dreaming big, designing a clear vision, and taking action to drive towards living the desired lifestyle. It encourages individuals to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to actively pursue their goals with passion and determination.

During the decide phase, the second step in the “How to Live a Dream Lifestyle” series, individuals have the opportunity to decide what they want their dream life to be. It’s during this step you take everything you dreamed about and decide how you want your dream life to be. Here you determine if you want that beach house you dreamt about on a Caribbean island, in the Carolinas or in Maorca. You take the time to get clear about what you want your life to be.

The design phase, step 2+, of living a dream lifestyle is all about taking the time to map out and visualize what you dreamed about.  It’s about creating a clear picture of what is desired and making it tangible through tools like vision boards. By doing so, individuals are setting the foundation for the next phase, which is driving towards making the dream lifestyle a reality.

This episode covers:

  • My Dream Life.
  • Time to decide.
  • Design the life you want.


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Do you want more out of life? Are you ready to live boldly in pursuit of your dreams?

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Deneen is a Women’s Motivational Speaker, the Creator & Host of the Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation (formerly An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color) Podcast, which she launched in 2020 and a Dream Lifestyle Coach.

Deneen specializes in helping women of color who want more out of life live boldly to create a dream life.

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                                                         My Dream Life


My Dream of Life

What is your dream of life? Have you actually dreamed about it? Thought about it? Envisioned what it would look like?

To dream is step 1 of How to Live a Dream Lifestyle™.


Time to decide

Now that you’ve dreamt about the life you want, time to decide how you want your dream life to be.  Where do you want that beach house? How many rooms do you want it to have? What style of house.

To decide is step 2 of How to Live a Dream Lifestyle™.

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Design the life you want

So you’ve dreamed of the lifestyle you want. You decided how you want it to be. Time now to design it. Bring what you had in mind to life via a vision board, a Pinterest vision board, or by mapping it out in your journal.

To design is step 2+ of How to Live a Dream Lifestyle™.


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Noteworthy Quotes

  • 00:02:21-00:02:31 – “create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe.”
  • 00:06:49-00:07:00 – “there’s a triggering, and again, triggering in a good way, triggering us into action when you see it”
  • 00:14:02-00:14:13 – “all of this should be fun. It should be joyful, right? Because that’s what living your dream life is about. It’s about being joyful.”




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