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Do You Study The Habits Of Millionaires? – David Shands

podcast December 31, 1969

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Do you study millionaires? When you study millionaires it can become quite clear as to what contributes to them becoming a one.

Furthermore, you can pinpoint the practical financial adjustments that we can make that would also you in that direction for yourself.

Eversince this zoom call, the millionaire count in the world has increased from 46.8 millionaires to 62.5 millionaires. And that was a study from 2021.. So there's even more than that.

Ask yourself:

  • Will I be one of the increasing number of millionaires in the world?
  • What financial habits should I put in place to lead myself in the direction of becoming a millionaire?
  • What's the timeline that I'm given myself to accomplish this.
  • Who will benefit as a result of me becoming a millionaire because it's not all about me?

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