Creator to Creators S5 Ep 46 Jay Anthony

podcast February 19, 2024

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Jay Anthony has been singing and training as a singer since he was a toddler in church and now, having worked as a model, acted in commercials and as a movie extra, and after a couple of false starts, he is launching a career as a recording artist.
His first song, dropping on February 9, is a beautiful, old-school R&B love song, “It’s U 4 Me.”
“Really, I’m walking into my destiny, which is music,” he said. “I thought I had lost the passion for it, because of life experiences, but it’s still there. It’s still in me.”
Jay’s passion, skill and talent shine in his debut song. His baritone voice flows like a river over the lyrics. He takes the ends of his lines up and down the notes like water running over rocks.
I don’t know what It is that makes me love you girl. I don’t know what is, but you are my world. Might be the crazy things you do.Mmm mmm Baby it’s you for me.
“It’s a fun song, basically about the characteristics in a relationship, about a man liking a woman, you know? He can’t wait to get home to her — she is his world. It’s a really feel-good song.”
Jay has been singing since he was 3 or 4 years old, writing since about age 12. His first solo performance, in church, also came at 12. Professional vocal and musical training and work in the studio began at 14.
Early attempts to begin a musical career — including contract demos and an audition for American Idol — did not pan out.
“So, I’m like, ‘You know what, I’m done,’ and then I started modeling.”
His other work included the commercials and a part as an extra in a Will Smith movie (After Earth).
“Other doors opened for me, and I took advantage of those doors. It was an honor working with Will Smith and meeting him, one of the coolest people ever. He was humble, the way he treated me,” he said.
But the heart for music was always there. “It was always the music that I had a passion for.”
The desire to be a professional singer came from Michael Jackson, “the first time I heard his voice,” he said. “He’s my reason for singing.” The song was “I’ll Be There.”
He had other influences as well: Whitney Houston, Kem, John P. Kee, Frank Sinatra, Usher, Tank, Sam Cooke, John Legend, Patti Labelle.
And Luther Vandross, who has special significance.
“My voice changed,” he said. “Going through puberty, Luther really helped me to fall in love with my voice, with the change from being a little boy soprano to going deep. He kept me singing, and my mother and I got me a vocal coach and I worked through it.”
His music began in gospel, and it remains as one of his musical staples. “I am a believer, and God is my first love.” His music will have gospel, soul, country, pop and a lot of R&B.
“You’re gonna get a mix of everything in my music,” he said.
His dream and goal — he also calls it his mission — is to be a full-time recording and performing artist, “to inspire and nurture the human spirit through music.”
“I want to release my music to the world. Tour. Put out an album. Get a band, go full time. That’s the goal, because it’s time. It’s time.”
In his early 30s, it’s time. He is working on an EP to come out later this year. In addition to records, albums and shows, he wants to write some jingles, do some television, some film.
“I’m turning back to my love of music,” he said. “The modeling and stuff, I did that, but it was always music for me. Like, the ‘you’ for me is the music.”
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