Creator to Creators S 6 Ep 24 Se7enDigits

June 26, 2024

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Musician and producer Nate Young—otherwise known as Se7enDigits is set to release his latest
single, “Change Your Mind” on June 3 through his label, AWGIU Entertainment. The single
invites listeners to reflect on the failed communication that often occurs in relationships.
Born in South Korea, Se7enDigits was adopted at age one and raised in Pennsylvania with his
sister. His passion for music began developing early on, inspired by his sister’s participation in
band. By age six, Se7enDigits began to learn the piano and, later on, orchestral music.
For Se7enDigits, music is a means of connection and healing. He brings personal experiences of
pain and struggle into his compositions, which are based in the style of hip hop and R&B.
Se7enDigits cites musical influences including Tory Lanez, J. Cole, and PNB Rock.
Now, Se7enDigits is a multitalented musician and producer with a bachelor’s degree in
Recording Arts and a focus in mixing engineering. The name “Se7enDigits” is both a play on the
digits in a telephone number and a personal experience. When Se7enDigits was younger, he
was teased at school for having seven fingers instead of ten; now, he takes any misinformed
negativity in stride, teasing back with his moniker.

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