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[BONUS] Court of Emotions: Grappling With Grief as a Student Athlete

podcast June 4, 2024

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Blacktivities returns June 17th!!! Check out the first episode of Shannon’s newest podcast, RIGHTing Narratives in this bonus episode.

Recently, players like Caitlyn Clark, Angel Reese, and Kamilla Cardoso have brought major attention to women’s basketball. There are several other young women on that team that you don’t hear about who dominated at the high school level, but aren’t the superstars on their college teams. You don’t hear about the immense pressure, tough choices, and sacrifices they are being asked to make at such a young and confusing time in their lives.

Wynter Whitley is an extraordinary athlete and former Duke Lady Blue Devils basketball player, who had a standout season her freshman year, but when tragedy hit, her game and relationship with the coaches was collateral damage. Her story helps us right the narratives about grief, self-advocation, and self-worth. It rights the narrative that we don’t always have to be strong, and it’s okay to take the time to heal when we need it.

[BONUS] Court of Emotions: Grappling With Grief as a Student Athlete

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