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Navigating Loss: Finding New Connection with Brii Renee and Shanti Das

podcast June 4, 2024

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Could the stories we share on grief and trauma become the balm to soothe a collective heartache? Join me as I, alongside TV and radio personality Brii Renee & CEO and Founder of Silence the Shame Shanti Das, unravel the threads of sorrow that bind us all, especially within the Black community. In a series of candid conversations, we traverse personal tales of unexpected loss, from the death of my father, the loss of Shanti Das’ sister, to Brii’s sudden bereavement and miscarriage. Our narratives weave through the complexities of carrying on traditions in the face of an empty seat at the holiday table, grappling with the loneliness that often shadows grief, and understanding the potency of specific, actionable support from our circles.

Witness with us the double-edged sword of social media, where the rawness of Black pain is both amplified and trivialized. We dissect how repeated exposure to violence against our kin stirs a vicarious trauma that we carry in our scroll, even as these platforms offer a haven for dialogue on mental health. By sharing our struggles and interventions, like the transformative act of travel and immersion in new surroundings to lighten grief’s load, we chart a roadmap for those seeking solace amidst loss. Together, we honor the resilience that pulses within our stories — the kind that fosters healing through the acknowledgment of our most profound wounds.

In this heart-stirring symphony of sorrow and strength, we salute the courage to confront generational trauma head-on and welcome the painstaking journey toward joy after profound loss. We reflect on the tender process of healing after personal tragedies, like my father’s suicide, and the evolution of grief that continues to shape us. As we close, we emphasize the value of asking, “How are you feeling?” recognizing that each shared experience of pain, each offered empathy, weaves a stronger fabric of community support. So, tune in and let’s navigate this path of mourning and mending, together.


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