336 – A Good Biscuit

podcast June 9, 2022

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People often want you to be involved with the bad decisions that they make consistently. Immersing yourself in their way of thinking can ultimately diminish your future. In this episode, the guys talk about making decisions to sustain the heights of success from making good decisions. 

18:41 – “Don’t ever think something is to big or small to pray about. Don’t play Gods role trying to dictate what he will or won’t do.”

34:12 – “You made decisions that will not support growth in your personal or financial statues.” Jemal explains that making bad decisions will lead to more bad opportunities. We have the power of choice to make great decisions. If you’re struggling to do so, surround yourself with people who produce in their life. 

43:12 – “Can’t be sympathetic towards others who want your blessings but not the system to help the situation their in.” It can be challenging not feeling guilty about  helping people who need it. Fight the feelings of unfortunateness for it can hold you back from reaching greatness. 


  1. You attract people who make good decisions when your consistent in making them. 
  2. More good than bad opportunities avail themselves personally & financially when you focus more. 
  3. Just because something is given to you, the work still needs to be done to be successful. If someone blesses you with an opportunity to grow personally or financially, don’t take it for granted. 

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