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246 – Stop Leading People On with Brian

podcast January 8, 2024

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In this episode, Boonie is joined by our problematic favorite, Brian. We start the conversation by drawing comparisons between Baltimore and Houston and discussing how people in Houston have a better understanding of where to go for fun. We both believe Baltimore has the potential for a vibrant nightlife scene that black Baltimoreans deserve.

Shifting gears, Brian discusses the attraction he finds in designs on women’s nails—heaux nails versus bad bitch nails. The conversation then leads to the importance of good sex in a relationship. If the sex isn’t great, Boonie and Brian know they’ll eventually cheat, and they don’t want to cheat or play games with someone’s feelings at this stage of their lives. 

A transcript of the full episode is available here.

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0:00:00 Prioritize your sexual health with at-home STI kits 0:08:29 New Year’s Break and Plans for Responsible Episode 0:16:59 Challenges of Running a Bar Business 0:20:00 Baltimore vs DMV: Clarifying the Difference 0:20:58 Representing Baltimore with a hint of slickness 0:21:55 Overwhelmed by the weight of school responsibilities 0:26:02 Gender roles in paying for expenses in relationships 0:30:13 Exploring alternative date ideas beyond dining out 0:34:07 Testing the Waters: The Importance of Pre-Trip Communication 0:35:41 The Flued Out Dilemma: Does it Count? 0:44:29 Limited Pool for Conversation: Women’s Success and Connection with Men 0:47:43 Conversation about the challenges of finding compatible partners 0:50:21 The struggle of women accepting a real man 0:53:26 The desire for men to feel needed and appreciated 0:57:12 Hopeful for a lasting, meaningful relationship 1:00:18 Men’s belief in being the prize and sassy habits 1:04:53 High Orgasms vs. Drunk Sex 1:08:25 The Importance of Sexual Compatibility in Relationships 1:11:40 Cheating: Risk, Reward, and Relationship Dynamics

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