199. How Coaching + Mentorship Got Me To Where I Am Today

podcast May 4, 2023

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You’ve all heard plenty about my relationship with coaching and mentorship insofar as it applies to my own business…

But today, I want to talk about how coaching and mentorship has supported me throughout my own self-development journey!

If you’re anything like I was, you probably believe that coaching and mentorship is something you have to NEED before you seek it out. You probably believe that since things aren’t falling apart (yet) and you don’t have anything crisis-level to work through, you haven’t yet “earned” the right to support…

But this is absolutely untrue.

I no longer believe support is something you have to wait to invest in until you’re falling apart. I believe support is something you need and deserve at every point in your journey…and if you have it, that journey will actually get a thousand times easier. Let’s talk about it.



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