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146: How To Create A Brand That Connects w/ Diamond Spikes

podcast May 4, 2023

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Name: Diamond Spikes

Business Name: DS Creative Design Studio

Current Title: CEO

Location: Atlanta Georgia

Educational Background: 

Spelman College, Studio Art,

BA- Bachelor of Art



About Diamond Spikes:

Diamond Spikes, a creative entrepreneur and brand medium, embodies the philosophy that branding at its core is rooted in authenticity and mirrors how we develop, maintain and deepen relationships with one another as human beings. As the owner of an award-winning branding agency, DS Creative Design Studio, that serves DTC brands, her and her team have helped businesses tap into their unique essence and connect deeply with their audiences. Her agency’s approach, informed by her degree in art, studies in psychology and sociology, and her innate intuition has earned her trust of over 70 brands such as Donata, Barbella Co, Hoop Mobb, and Buy with Prime.


With over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Diamond has grown multiple multi-six figure brands. As a Black woman from Atlanta, GA who’s also a Scorpio stellium, she brings a unique perspective to the branding world with a very specific level of depth.


She believes that the truth of who we are and the courage to show it consistently is the key to building genuine connections, both in branding and in our relationships with others.


Diamond’s philosophy is that branding is not at all about creating a facade but about revealing the truth of who you are, it’s about authenticity and allowing that to shine through. By embracing this approach, she has been able to help businesses build brands that resonate with their audiences, just as in human relationships, authenticity and vulnerability leads to deeper connections.


In today’s fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the superficial and forget the essence of who we are. Diamond Spikes reminds us that true success in branding and in life comes from staying rooted in ourselves and connecting authentically

with others.



  • The importance of creating a brand that resonates with your audience

  • The role that empathy plays in branding

  • The importance of being a specialist and not a generalist for succeeding

  • How to identify your audience and create a brand that reflects their personalities

  • Tips on how to increase your revenue by being consistent and putting the consumer at the center of your brand story



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