You Have to Pay to Play

podcast May 8, 2024

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In the world of being an online, ecommerce-based business owner we have learned that internet advertising is a way of life. The hard part is that we all have a price to pay to help advertise our business. It may cost you a little, or it may cost you a lot, but nevertheless it will cost you. Advertising on social media has become more expensive as the years have gone by. There has been a significant price hike since the pandemic as well. It may even look like some social media channels are pricing out some small businesses. Some of these advertising packages are way more than some of these businesses can budget, so then they have to figure out more economical ways of trying to get their business in front of the masses. This where we talk about you have to pay to play in the latest episode of the Watch4TheHook Business & Entrepreneur Podcast.

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