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You Deserve the Same Standard Business Practices as Everyone Else

podcast June 5, 2024

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Business owners have a due diligence to perform standard business practices. The practices can be defined as practices that must be followed while working for an organization. We are using this to piggyback off of our episode of Using Other People’s Money. Financial institutions or financial lenders have a standard way of conducting business and small business owners are entitled to be treated fairly and properly throughout the process of looking into borrowing money. The business practices we refer to are the methods, procedures, rules, or tactics that a company follows in pursuit in its objectives to provide information of what their lending process or processes include. It is imperative that especially minority small business owners like us demand we get the same treatment as those larger companies get from lenders. There should not be in hidden agendas, hidden rules, or pitfalls not made away to the potential borrower from the beginning of the lending process. We have been encountering some issues with our loan officer from our financial lender and we have demanded that we get the same treatment as other real estate investment customers. Tune in to this episode to see how we are holding them accountable to the standards of business set forth by the business areas they deal with on a daily basis.

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