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Why Black Women Have Mommy Issues w/ Dr. Shante | Episode 161

podcast December 31, 1969

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Did you know that most black women are unknowingly carrying the pain and struggle of their ancestors? That's what's at the root of most mommy issues: unaddressed trauma. Trauma and pain that possibly precedes your lifetime, and it's still making an impact on the legacy you'll leave.

We can spend a lifetime blaming our moms for the ways they did us wrong, but unless we're willing to take a serious look at ourselves – we will end up mothering our children in the exact same way. Perhaps it's time to start re-parenting yourself. Perhaps it's time to sit with a therapist or coach and cry a little bit. Whatever you're being called to do, if this relates to you- then this episode is for you.

We're diving into mommy issues and exploring why black mothers struggle to love, nurture, and often compete with their daughters.

Dr. Shante was the perfect person to get into this convo with! She's a Certified Life Coach, and Educator who's personal experiences along with her professional background give her the credibility and compassion to share with us on the show.

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