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Society & Culture

Viral panic, college trans admissions fight, home-working health

podcast March 15, 2023

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After customers withdrew $42 billion from Silicon Valley Bank in a single day following a viral panic about a bank run that spread on Twitter and private chat groups, the panel discusses the effect social media is having on finance and the importance of where we get our information from. Plus, the admissions fight going on in women’s colleges – should they admit trans men? And, why working from home long-term is less healthy than you might think.

Also tonight: a school pulls a test question for linking political ideology with race and gender, the DOJ sues Rite Aid alleging the company ignored ‘red flags’ in opioid prescriptions, a CNN poll shows 38% of GOP and GOP-leaning voters say increasing diversity is threatening American culture, Biden calls on Congress to “ban assault weapons”, and, if ChatGTP writes your cover letter, is it cheating?

Hosted by Laura Coates.

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