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Value Art: And Its Many Forms

podcast December 30, 2023

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In this 2021 Re-Release episode, Visual Artist Linda Simien Kelly shares how being an artist is not just about creating beautiful artwork, but also about embracing life and connecting with people. The episode emphasizes that artists should possess a love for life and a desire to connect with others. They should be able to express their inner thoughts, mind, soul, and heart through their art. By doing so, they can connect with people and support them by sharing their own experiences. Artists are seen as communicators who bring people together and provide a shoulder for others to lean on.


The episode also highlights the importance of using art as a form of communication and expression. Art allows artists to share their feelings, experiences, and thoughts with others. It serves as a way to soothe the soul, mind, and heart, bringing them together. Artists like Linda, use their art to reflect the present moment and space they’re in. Linda may draw inspiration from the people she encounters or from her own experiences and emotions. Through her art, Linda can convey messages and evoke emotions in others.


This episode covers:

[00:00:02] Becoming an art collector.

[00:01:31] Being an artist and connecting with people.

[00:20:13] Using your voice through art.

[00:28:41] Investing in art and its value.

[00:39:08] Artistic talents and gifts.


Read the full blog post: https://www.womenofcoloranintimateconversation.com/value-art-and-its-many-forms/




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Connect with Linda Simien Kelly


Email: lindakelly6116@sbcglobal.net

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindasimienkelly/



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