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podcast March 22, 2023

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The black Writer Therapy podcast’s official launch date is June 8, 2023. Each preliminary trailer is designed to answer the questions about what the podcast is and what it isn’t. Who will be featured and who won’t. Why I chose to focus on what I focus on.

In this episode published author, Ella Shawn–host and unlicensed therapist–answers the three questions she knows she’ll get more than any other inquiries about this podcast.

Focus Areas

  1. What does white supremacy have to do with the writing industry?
  2. Why can’t white women writers come on your podcast?
  3. What about the BIPOC writing community, including Black male writers, why aren’t they allowed on the Black Writer Therapy podcast?

Ella answers all of these questions and a few more in this BWT podcast 2nd Trailer.


  • The answers to all present situations can be found in the truth of the past.
  • Equity is more about creating balance and fairness for those who are systemically treated with biased and inequity.
  • The closer in proximity one is to the problem, the less inclined they are to participate in the revolution against the problem.

Let’s Connect

  • If you are a Black Woman Writer and would like to book a session on Black Writer Therapy, please use the link below.
  • If you’re a literary agent, acquisitions editor, or any of the mover and shaker positions in the publishing industry and would like to be part of a roundtable panel, use the link below.

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