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Trade, Tech, and Transformation: Creating a Lean and Trusted Ecosystem for Trade in Africa with Geoffrey de Mowbray

podcast May 6, 2024

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Episode 121 with Geoffrey de Mowbray, who is creating a lean and trusted ecosystem for trade through his two business ventures. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Via.Trade, which enables trade by digitising several aspects of the supply chain and bringing customers and suppliers together, all supported by a financial solution and world-leading logistics.

He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Dints International, a company that leverages industry expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide supply chain solutions to the mining, construction, and heavy equipment industries, enabling them to connect with new customers and enter new markets.

What We Discuss With Geoffrey

  • Can you tell us about your entrepreneurial journey and what inspired you to launch ViaTrade and Dints International?
  • Dints International and ViaTrade are heavily focused on Africa. Why do you think these solutions are needed on the continent?
  • What are some of the particular challenges that African SMEs face when accessing credit for expansion, and how does ViaTrade solve them?
  • How does ViaTrade use technology to digitise various areas of the supply chain, and what effect does this have on efficiency and transparency?
  • Could you tell us more about the intersection of finance and technology in trade, and how ViaTrade navigates this landscape?

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