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This Engineer Quit His Job through Apartment Investing with Chris Lento, Ep. 584

podcast February 20, 2024

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With a background in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon and professional development training at Boston University and MIT, Chris brings a unique perspective to our multifamily real estate investment approach.

Chris has over twenty years of experience in multifamily ownership, management, and investing. His vision and guidance drive us to remain dedicated to portfolio diversification through sustainable and socially responsible multifamily housing investments.

In addition to his academic achievements, Chris’ serves as a Board Member for Bay Cove, a nonprofit human services organization. His passion serves as testament to his dedication in building a better quality of life, which carries over into his professional commitment to EM Capital and its investors.

This unique blend of engineering expertise and real estate proficiency sets the foundation for our goal of making a lasting impact in the real estate industry and beyond, driven by our motto of “Building Communities, Engineering Wealth.”


In this episode, we talked to Chris about going full-time in real estate, trying different investment routes, his investing strategy, his insight on entering new markets, managing out-of-state assets, and much more.


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Scaling Portfolios;


02:13 Chris’ background;

03:42 Going full-time in real estate;

11:25 Trying different investment routes;

16:33 Chris’ investing strategy;

19:51 An insight on entering a new market;

22:52 Tips on managing out-of-state assets;

27:54 Round of insights


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Round of Insights


Apparent Failure: His second-ever deal in Boston.

Digital Resource: Monday.com

Most Recommended Book: Who Not How

Daily Habit: Laying out his options and reviewing them in a weekly planner.

#1 Insight for scaling a multifamily portfolio: Obtaining strategical partners and creating teams is essential.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in Boston, MA: SRV Boston.


Contact Chris:



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