They Call it Organic Growth or Is it Really Social Media Bots

June 26, 2024

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It is sometimes astounding when you see some of the number of “followers” some businesses and entities can have on social media nowadays. Hell, even some single person in the world can have 75 million followers, and you have to think that is a lot of people. Most of the time those examples just mentioned have marketing budgets and marketing teams behind them to help accomplish those goals.

Everything is basically a popularity contest and how can you prove popularity on social media? Followers, subscribers, likes, and shares are what they use to give quantitative value to popularity and audience reach through their perspective platforms. The problem is that there are plenty of ways to “inflate” all these numbers on social media.

Has anyone gotten this email or direct message?

“I’ll promote your podcast through social media pages like as ( Tw*******, Fa*******, Li******, or Go*****) and help you get more downloads and more subscribers in the iTu**** store. You will start to see results in your analytics. You will start to see results in your analytics almost instantly. From there your podcast/business will continue to grow and grow. I can do this for $500 USD monthly. Ready to start now?” This sounds too good to be true, but you sign up. For two months you see exponential growth and the first month after you have let it go, BAM back to reality. So, what did you really pay for? Tune in to this episode and see did you/them pay for the social media bots!!!!

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