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June 25, 2024

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Join the squad for another lively episode of The Corner Convo Weekly Podcast! 🚨 This week, we're diving into Kendrick Lamar's unforgettable LA concert, aptly titled "Not Like Us!" From the electrifying performances to the controversial moments, we've got you covered with all the juicy details. 🎤🔥

In this candid conversation, we also touch on Chris Brown's wild meet-and-greets, JJ Redick's surprising new role as the Lakers' head coach, and Mayor Johnson's $10 million fund expansion for gun violence victims. 🏀💸 Plus, don't miss our hilarious takes on stealing food from co-workers and more!

Engage with us in these must-listen discussions that blend humor, insight, and a touch of controversy. Stay connected with the latest in hip-hop culture, real-life stories, and everything that makes Chicago unique.

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0:00 – Intro
4:52 – Work Refrigerator Etiquette
10:20 – Your Refrigerator vs Mom’s Refrigerator
12:33 – Mayor Johnson's $10M Fund for Gun Violence Victims
15:51 – Insuring Against Gun Violence
20:00 – Chicago Comedy Festival Highlights
32:15 – Black Harvest Film Festival Insights
37:50 – Kendrick Lamar on Stage
41:30 – Chris Brown Charges $1,100 for Meet and Greet
55:50 – Cost of Surgery
1:03:50 – Lakers Hire New Coach
1:05:21 – Buckingham Fountain vandalized
1:06:31 – Bad Boys 4 Mid asf
1:09:48 – Yams

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