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The Truth In This Art with photographer Faith Couch

podcast May 31, 2024

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In this installment of “The Truth in This Art,” Rob Lee sits down with photographer Faith Couch to explore the influence of her southern heritage on her narrative-driven work. Faith opens up about her commitment to capturing the nuances of black daily life, striving to represent these stories authentically. She talks about the significance of working with others based on mutual respect and the lessons learned during her final year at MICA, as well as her move to Yale. Throughout the conversation, Faith offers her perspective on creativity, the value of honesty, and the role of community and introspection in her life. The episode also ventures into Faith’s hobbies beyond the lens and wraps up with her thoughts on discovering a sense of belonging within and the beauty of embracing life’s shifts.

Episode Highlights:

  • Southern Roots and Their Impact (00:00:48) Faith discusses how her southern heritage influences her creative process and artistic expression.
  • A Lifelong Affinity for Photography (00:05:00) Faith reminisces about her early experiences with photography and the influences that shaped her passion.
  • Filling the Void in Black Narratives (00:11:00) Faith talks about her aim to provide a more complete portrayal of black life through her photography.
  • Celebrating the Quotidian in Black Life (00:16:00) The importance of documenting everyday moments in the lives of black individuals is discussed in this part.
  • The Ethics of Collaboration and Consent (00:18:00) Faith dives into the importance of ethical practices and consent in her photographic work.
  • Navigating Editorial vs. Fine Art Photography (00:21:00) Faith reflects on the differences between editorial and fine art photography and her approach to each.
  • The Quest for Authenticity (00:24:30) In this part, the conversation focuses on Faith’s commitment to capturing genuine moments and true emotions.
  • Crafting a Sense of Belonging (00:51:00) Faith discusses the concept of creating a sense of home and staying grounded regardless of location.

Key Takeaways:

1. Embrace your roots – they can deeply influence your creativity and authenticity in your work.
2. Early passions can inform and shape your career path – nurture them.
3. Strive to fill gaps in representation – your work can contribute to a more inclusive narrative.
4. Celebrate the ordinary – everyday moments can hold extraordinary significance.

Website and Social Media Links:
X: @FaithCouch5
Instagram: blackpowerprincess
LinkedIn: Faith Couch

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