The Top List: Spotting 8 Male Manipulation Tactics

podcast July 5, 2021 2

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This episode takes a look into some of the most common manipulation tactics men use in the dating game. From personal experiences, accounts of other women, and even the men themselves I’ve compiled a list of the top male manipulation tactics. See if you can spot any of these tactics that maybe have been used on you in the past or that you’ve seen happen before. There’s always a pattern with most of these tactics. So let’s identify some common ones as well as ways to handle the situation if you ever find yourself face to face with a manipulation tactic.


  • Manipulation tactics are used by both men and women

The List: #8-5

  • Texting endlessly with no real plans to meet
  • Asking for pics
  • Trying to get you to pick something cheap on the menu
  • Buying nice things to throw it in your face during an argument

The List: #4-1

  • Lovebombing
  • Lowering your expectations
  • “Leaving” without any real intention to leave
  • Backhanded compliments


  • Reverse manipulation tactics
  • Quick mood boosting exercise inspired by Tyler, The Creator


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